Scent Guide

Scent Guide

The Sonoran Desert, known for its vibrant colors, diverse flora, and enchanting wildlife, has become a compelling inspiration for Sonoran Aura as we seek to capture its essence in scent. Through our candles you will embark on a fragrant journey through the southwest, delving into the aromatic tales that bring the Sonoran Desert to life.

  • Cashmere Cowboy // Warm cashmere + amber, sheer vanilla, sandalwood
  • Creosote // Desert rain, greasewood, petrichor
  • Mogollon Musk // Earthy cedar, pinewood, cool moss, ozone
  • Orange Blossom // Orange blossom, bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood
  • Orange Rind + Clove  // Citrus peel, cinnamon, clove, star anise
  • Red Desert // Patchouli, balsam, citrus, sage

We also offer an unscented candle for those that prefer to enjoy the ambiance without the scent.

Each fragrance tells a unique story. Where will yours take you?

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